The original Muscle Car, a 1969 Pontiac GTO RestoMod

You too can build your own muscle car, in your garage.  Follow me on YouTube for tips and tricks, ask questions, or just sit back and enjoy.  

About Me

Fast Monty's Garage Since 2011

Welcome to Fast Monty's Garage... my name is Mike Montanari.  What's with the name, FMG?  F is for Fast.  Anything fast will get my attention, from classic muscle cars to modern muscle, imports and supercars.  M is for Monty, my nick name.  G is for Garage, which is where I personally restored, built, and painted this 1969 Pontiac GTO in my home garage.  So, "Fast Monty's Garage" was born!  

The Background of this Build

My Dad bought this 1969 Pontiac GTO brand new, while in flight school for the US Navy.  I learned to drive this four speed muscle car, in high school.  When I went away to college it sat and started to deteriorate.  After about 20 years, I had the means to buy a home with a large enough garage to start project "Green Envy".  

The car was originally born with a 400 cu. in. motor, four speed Muncie M20, 3:55 rear end, Midnight Green with Gold Interior.  

It has been re-born, with slightly darker Green paint I call 2am Green, with gold interior, and the same 400 block bored and stroked to 467 cu. in.  Mated to the same M20 transmission and re-built 3:55 rear end.  (A future project will include upgrading to a Tremec 600 to handle the motors' overwhelming 600 lb.ft. of torque)  The car has been lowered about 3" with coil overs front and rear, along with 14"/13" Wilwood Brakes front/rear, as well as other go fast parts.  

Have fun with us...

I have never done a full restoration of a car before and learned just about everything by watching YouTube and other social media influencers.  So, to pay it forward, I have started a channel on YouTube and Instagram called, you guessed it, Fast Monty's Garage.  I'll be videoing everything from mini-projects on this 1969 Pontiac GTO, answering How-To questions from viewers, filming Road Trips, Car shows, and even some autocross and track events with the GTO, or any other supercar or Muscle Car I can get my hands on!  Click the YouTube link below, and subscribe!  It'll be a blast!